Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Film days...

I am excited to take a step back in time and foray back into the world of film.

Towards the end of last year I seemed to be acquiring quite a collection of film cameras - given to me, passed on and *mumble* purchased on eBay!  I decided I would like to start using them...but never really found the time to learn the craft again.

Early this year I was given the little boost of motivation to 'just do it'.  A friend showed me her friend's work and I was smitten.  I had been avidly following some other friend's film photography but just didn't have the nerve to load the film and shoot.  They are brilliant photographers (both film & digital) and I knew that I didn't have their skill.

But...I had this feeling that IF I could master shooting film in manual then I might be able to REALLY call myself a photographer.  After have to get it right.  You can't just check the back of your screen, tweak, check again, then tweak some more.  There is no chimping on film! know, you look at the back of your camera and make sounds of excitement mimicking our monkey friends 'ooh ooh aah aah'.

So...after doing an online film workshop, buying some books on film & signing up for a film workshop in Brisbane in May I started my new little adventure!

Rather than using one of my collection, I went and purchased a recommended film camera, loaded it with film (with the kids looking on in fascination) and roped the kids and the animals into being my subjects.  The kids couldn't understand why they couldn't see the photo straight away, and admittedly old habits die hard, and I chimped :-)

I posted my film away, sure that the lab would be laughing at my poor first attempts.  With much trepidation I opened my parcel yesterday containing my first 2 processed rolls.
I was nervous.
I was SURE that half the photos would be out of focus & the other would be grossly over or under exposed.
I was pleasantly surprised.
Alright, more than pleasantly...I may have done a happy dance.
In private.
Of course!

If I'm being perfectly honest there are a lot of shots that aren't great - but there were some that I simply love.  The rawness and colour in film cannot be matched by digital - and I love this.

I am not a technical shooter at all (in fact, I do slightly envy those who just 'get it'), and I spend more time just winging it.  But I am really looking forward to learning more about film, branching out into medium format film cameras (one day) and putting to use the antiques on my shelf.

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toni said...

welcome to the wonderous world of film & never having a spare cent in your pocket again! Just kidding, sooo cool that you are shooting film, before you know it it will feel as comfy as knowing how to ride a bike :) I adore the last frame of your post here!