Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Love Mondays | Week 6

Sometimes we see interesting shadows.
Sometimes our inner child breaks out and we make/create/form interesting shadows.

Shadows can create dimension to an image.
Everywhere you go this week I want you to look at where shadows are falling.  How they are formed. And what makes a compelling shadow :-)

Week 6 | Shadows

To get good shadows you need the right light - so you will have to be ever conscious of where your light is coming from :-)

As always, remember composition.  Good composition makes a photo.  Bad composition breaks a photo!

You can join in this project at any time....if you are just joining in now, welcome!  You can read the original blog post here - together we will be creating an amazing book for everyone to enjoy :-)  A few more details about the project are here - and all the conditions are listed under the file tab on the facebook group.  Would love to have you all along for the journey :-)

Here is a shadow I just quickly took a photo of :-)

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